Japan: Sankyu Air Logistics

Hokusui BLDG.No.2, 5-11-11, Kachidoki,
Chuo-ku,Tokyo 104-0054 Japan

IATA code : BR 16-3 1453 003 5 STE

CASS number:1631453 or JP_STE1453

Number of staff : 168

Membership of any Regional Forwarding Associations: JAFA(JAPAN AIRCARGO FORWARDERS ASSOCIATION)

Tel: 81-3-3536-3417
Fax: 81-3-5546-0366

Yoshiko Kondo –  Important Notice
Email: y.kondo@sankyuair.co.jp

Kenich Haraguchi – Quotation/Shipping Request
Email: k.haraguchi@sankyuair.co.jp

Shigemi Iwamoto – Quotation/Shipping Request
Email: s.iwamoto@sankyuair.co.jp

Website: www.jpsgl.com

Member Profile

Japan Post Sankyu Global Logistics Co Ltd. (JPSGL) was established in July 2008 by the joint investment of Japan Post Co., Ltd. And Sankyu Inc. Together we provide Value Logistics for our customers through the integration of our global postal and airfreight networks.

  • The joint venture between Japan Post Service Co., Ltd and Sankyu Inc. was founded on July 1, 2008.
  • The know-how and long-term experience of air freight business derived from the air cargo department in Sankyu Inc. have been taken over to the new company.
  • We will offer door-to-door delivery service by mainly air freight from Japan to China, Southeast Asia and other various locations around the world.
  • We will offer a variety of air services depending on customers needs such as urgency and the cargo volume ranging from small packets to bulk shipments.
  • We will offer air cargo service in combination with ocean shipping and overland transport.
  • We will make a proposal contributing to the reduction of customers transportation cost and the improvement of convenience.