Brazil: Clipper Transportes Internacionais Ltda

São Paulo, Rui Barbosa
Nº 381, Bela Vista, 01326-010

Telephone: 55 (11)3281-6900
FAX: 55 (11) 3288-6264

Maria Italia Piniano – CEO

Member Profile

Clipper has a large experience in Freight Forwarding and Import and Export brokerage, in the market since 1985. With its roots in the maritime transport and clearance, Clipper increased its basic capabilities by adding tailor made solutions for its Clients and to the airlines in general.

Joining forces with KLM Cargo’s Aerospace Logistics, resulted in a unique Door to Door product for urgent Spare Parts shipments, Engine transportation and Catering, both by air and sea. The expertise in urgent and critical products was also transferred to importers and exporters needs. The achieved short lead-times are proved to be one of the most efficient available in the Brazilian market nowadays.

Specialized in Imports of over-sized shipments, besides the regular manufactured products, Clipper offers its clients an international worldwide logistic service to and from Brazil. Clipper is totally in line with the global competition, with the advantage of its personalized way to deal with specific needs of every and each Client. Clipper counts with the 24 hrs support of its worldwide Agents network, which also has the tailored and personalized services focus that makes Clipper the solution for door to door logistics services.

By monitoring each detail of your logistics needs, Clipper makes sure that your goods arrive at the desired destination without discrepancies, in the agreed turn around time and costs.

Clipper’s structure and philosophy is the guarantee of efficient results for your shipping requirements, giving you time and confidence to focus on your core business.