Join the movers and shakers

In a highly connected world it’s tempting to believe that everything can be achieved online. However the truth is that real business happens face to face where you have the time and space to exchange ideas, share knowledge and be inspired.

At IASA our General Assemblies are designed to bring together forward thinking, growth mode business people in a mutually supportive environment. You will be mixing with key decision makers from members throughout the world who can offer local knowledge and key insights into world market potentials.

What is the structure of the General Assembly?

  • Official sessions are included to allow members to have their say in how the association is run and for the Directors to keep the membership updated on various improvements they are suggesting.  All full members are balloted on any major changes, enhancements, and financial reporting.

Who attends?

  • Decision makers from all attending members

Key benefits include:

  • The mutual exchange of local market intelligence and trends.
  • Specific sales leads and potential mutual customers.
  • A member to member support and problem-solving forum.
  • Instant access on joining to a network with strong, vetted coverage in all major commercial and trading centres worldwide, saving members time, money and effort in building such a network of trusted, like-minded and progressive partners.
  • Members have access to all their overseas partners at one meeting, thereby massively reducing costs of developing such relationships.
  • Access to a disputes resolution services in the event of disagreement with other members.
  • Access to a guaranteed payment scheme in the event of any members defaulting.
  • View our Past Assemblies.

How to get the most out of a General Assembly:

  • Members are encouraged to participate in all association matters and provide input into the Association’s growth and progress, including being balloted on any major changes being recommended by the Board.  They are also involved in the nominations and selections of the Board members.

As you can see , there are many compelling reasons to join our General Assemblies, consider what it can bring to your business and apply today.

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