Act Local

The great advantage of IASA is that it offers you a network of globally active forwarding agents, who each are local experts in their own Country. The concept enables you to ship your goods to/from anywhere in the world, while at the same time doing business with professionals who know your market intimately and who speak your language.

Because each IASA member is an independent company, you can profit from that indefinable extra quality: entrepreneurial spirit. This shows itself in greater care and more personal, tailor-made service you can rely on.

All members are shipping & logistics experts in and out of their country. Our members are among the volume leaders in their respective markets.

Ship Global

Does your company regularly ship goods overseas or import or receive products from abroad?

How do you get a shipment of computers safely to somewhere in Africa, or a cargo of perishables to the USA, or a prize bull for breeding purposes from Argentina?
Clearly, what you need is a cargo agent capable of dealing with your particular transportation problem. One who can deal with both the logistics and the necessary documentation. One who will collect your cargo and ensure it is loaded on aircraft or ship at a competitive cost.

In short, you want specialists who know how to ship your goods speedily, safely and reliably. Equally important is what happens to your cargo at destination. So you want the guarantee that customs clearance, temporary storage, handling and delivery are taken care of with maximum efficiency. The best way to get that guarantee is to entrust your shipment to the IASA forwarding agent in your country.