Member Profiles

From time to time we will have a feature piece on one of our members. Our latest feature is our Korean Member, Orient Shipping Co.

Orient Shipping Co.

Country: Korea
Managing Director: Kwon, Young-Dae

Orient Shipping was established on April, 2nd 1973. Since that time, we became the best forwarding company in Korea. On the basis of the longest history for 35 years in Korea-International freight forwarding business, they provide the highest quality of service and developed steadily.

They also started air freight forwarder as demands for air cargos increased rapidly in 1988. As well as providing Transportation, Storaging, Customs Clearance services using their Global Network System.

Where did you first learn about IASA?
One of our overseas agents, who is one of IASA members, introduced us IASA at the first time.

What was the most important factor in you joining IASA, and why?
There is no way to make us possible to obtain over 35 numbers of reliable and professional oversea agents at once. But IASA provided us it possible.

Has your business increased since becoming an IASA member?
Yes, we already created and sent about 60 numbers of new shipment to IASA members and received 40 numbers of shipment from IASA members since joining IASA last March. We have exchanged a lots of information to develop new potential business each others as well.

Do you find the sales meetings at IASA General Assemblies beneficial to your business?
We were able to discuss and exchange many information with each members- face to face- during sales meeting at IASA General Assemblies.
It makes much easier for us to decide critical points when we had a chance to deal a new business even no visiting each others.

Have you found IASA membership of an advantage when you are competing with multi-national opposition companies in the market place?
Yes, we found IASA membership provided us an advantage when we participated in biding and competed with another local companies in Korea market. For example, we could successfully to get biding for Volkwagen INDIA factory new body-shop line eqipment moving with IASA India agent.

Please advise the IASA agents you regularly deal with as an percentage of your overall international network (i.e. 60%, 75%, etc).
It is almost beginning for us to join to IASA membership. So it is indicated under 30% percentage of regular deals with IASA network yet.

Do you feel comfortable knowing that your accounts receivable are secure via the mandatory membership guarantee?
Yes, we feel so comfortable to start new business with any IASA members under the IASA membership guarantee.Not necessary to receive the advance payment or individual bank guarnatee any more.